3 step process to being a ‘tab pirate’ with google chrome

Painty the Pirate

I don’t know about you, but I am a tab pirate. You can be a tab pirate too, because hey, everyone starts somewhere.

What does it mean to be a tab pirate? Well you effectively make use of having millions (or at least a few) tabs open at a time in Google Chrome without destroying your battery life!


  1. You’re you’re studying, looking for articles, or doing some fun programming stuff on your own
  2. You open up every tab that looks like it might be relevant
  3. Something comes up, distracting you from your work
  4. You leave those tabs (and chrome) open because you don’t want to bookmark them all

Guess what you have to do? Either stop getting distracted and do one thing to completion (but lets be honest, thats not always realistic) or become a tab pirate!

Steps to becoming a tab pirate:

  1. Get a parrot
  2. Download ‘The great suspender’
  3. When you get distracted (or when you finally remember that you got distracted) click on the cool little face in the top corner of your browser and click suspend all. 

It keeps all tabs there but it makes them stop running until you go to them and click reload.

I’ve seen my battery life double almost instantly from doing this to all my un-used tabs.

Another solution is to download ‘Read it later’, which lets your quickly save the url in a ‘queue’ that you can quickly retrieve later through the app.

Thanks for reading!